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Tomato Paste

Tomato Paste

Tomato paste is one of the main and most popular condiments used all over the world due to its unique aroma and taste. Tomato paste is among Iran’s export products. It is very popular due to its high quality and high health standards in production. No additional ingredients, no preservatives, or color additives are used in the production of the product.


Mass fraction of dry matter 36-38% BRIX
Color: A red-colored homogeneous paste, without visible tomato skin and seeds residue.
Taste and smell: free from any abnormal odor; Absence of burnt taste, fermented taste, and smell.
Type: Concentrated paste, canned aseptically.
Starch content: Free from any traces
Pectin: Free
TRS: Free
Yeast: Free
Additives: Free
packing: Tomato paste in aseptic barrels 220 kg-230 kg.
Storage condition: The characteristics can be kept for 24 months.
Note: The highest quality (according to GOST and EURO), expiry dates, certificates, and packaging are normal.

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