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Iranian Almond


Originally, three types of almonds are grown in Iran: Mamra, Moheb, and Sangi. The best quality almond in Iran, offered in international markets, is Mamra which is mostly produced in Charmahal and Bakhtiyari Province. This kind of almond is a rich source of proteins and minerals.


Mamra almonds are of different grades based on their kernel weights:

80-90 almond kernels per 100g (5A)

90-100 almond kernels per 100g (4A)

100-105 almond kernels per 100g (3A)

110-115 almond kernels per 100g (2A)

120-125almond kernels per 100g (A)

130-135 almond kernels per 100g (ES)

140-145almond kernels per 100g (ESB)

More than 150 almond kernels per 100 grams (MINI)

Taste: sweet

Color: bright

Form: elongated

Availability: raw; roasted

Packing: Upon Request

Min order quantity: from 5 to 10 tons, depending on the transportation form.

Carrying capacity of containers: 20-foot container; up to 13 tons

Expiry date: one year after production.

Storage conditions: Keep at room temperature with good ventilation and no dust. It can also be kept in dry, cool rooms (below 7 degrees Celsius) with proper ventilation.

Production time: It depends on the quantity you need. Thus, it can vary from 15 to 25 business days.

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